Steps to a Great Small Business Website


A website for your small business is essential if you want to expand your business to online customers. You may also want to refresh your website, so it reflects your brand in a more flattering way online. Either way, the steps to building or revamping a small business website are pretty much the same.

Great Small WebsiteYour URL

If you already have a website, you may not want to change your URL. Your current customers may not be able to find you, or they may get frustrated at the change. If you do change your URL, keep the old URL you had and redirect your customers to your new site.

Your Colors and Design

It is a good idea to test your designs with real people. Instead of just ordering a logo, website, or even print designs for your small business, ask people what they think about your designs and have several available.


Whether you want your website to show the quirky side of your business or a very professional representation of your brand, content is key to attracting people to your business and keeping visitors on your page. If you offer products, consider a blog that offers pictures or videos of the products in everyday use. You can also blog about how to use the product.


Always check out your competition! Analyze areas that you can improve on with your website, SEO, and branding. If the idea is to beat your competition or become a good competitor on search engines, it is important to understand how they win the rankings they have daily.

Getting Help

If you decide to go with an Atlanta web designer, make sure they have all of your research and know that you’ve tested colors and designs for your small business. They can help you with all of the aspects of your web design and give you good spaces to produce the content needed to attract visitors. They can also help you with e-commerce solutions and ideas for customer retention.

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