Why Use Secure Encryption Protocols on Your WordPress Website? Consider Three Reasons!


Secure Encryption Protocols

Today, website administrators frequently decide to Move WordPress to HTTPS platforms. Essentially, this process simply involves implementing SSL/TLS encryption protocols for the transmission of data to (and from) a WordPress website. Taking this precaution helps make it more difficult for cyber criminals to intercept information in cyber space.


About Data Encryption Protocols

People have used encryption for thousands of years. Centuries ago, diplomats sometimes communicated with their governments in code, for example. They encrypted important messages to conceal them from unauthorized access.

Modern SSL (secure socket layer) and TLS (transport layer security) data protocols help to hide data transmissions exchanged between websites and their online visitors. This process helps discourage hackers from intercepting the data and using it to commit frauds. By implementing TLS, websites protect a variety of data streams, including browsing, emails, VoIP, and even Instant Messaging.

An Extra Layer of Security

Most leading browsers clearly indicate whether or not a website employs SSL and TLS security protocols. For example, in the FireFox browser, an icon of a secure padlock appears immediately in front of the URL whenever a site employs this technology. The address bar begins with “https” instead of “http”, also. Unprotected websites typically cause the display of an open, unsecured padlock icon in a visitor’s browser. This alerts prospective visitors to the significantly higher level of risk involved.

Sites that lack these extra security encryption protocols subject visitors to eavesdropping. Visitors may also sustain losses due to a type of hacking called a “man in the middle” attack. A hacker might intercept data transmissions between a customer and a website to divert the proceeds of a sales transaction, for example. Perhaps it should surprise no one that most online visitors today greatly prefer to visit websites employing SSL and TLS encryption technologies!

Three Important Reasons to Use SSL/TLS Protocols

Why should you implement SSL/TLS encryption protocols for your WordPress website? Consider three popular reasons for taking this step:

Boost Website Traffic Volumes

From a practical standpoint, the use of secure data encryption technology enables a WordPress website to attract a larger number of online visitors. A certain percentage of people won’t visit insecure “high risk” URLs, for example. WordPress website administrators potentially miss some traffic simply by failing to implement this increasingly common security upgrade.

Enhance Site Security

Additionally, websites that use SSL/TLS protocols lessen their risk of losing revenue as a result of the activities of cyber criminals. Hackers perpetrating malicious “man in the middle” attacks ultimately damage the business reputations of companies maintaining insecure websites. Customers who purchase goods and services online typically prefer secure sales environments. If they sustain losses as a result of frauds perpetrated by hackers, they likely won’t return to an insecure commercial website in the future.

Obtain SEO Advantages

Websites that protect visitors by furnishing SSL/TLS encryption also tend to rank more highly (from a statistical standpoint) in search engine rankings. Reportedly, fully four out of every ten of the top-ranked web pages located through Google searches currently employ this technology. This trend appears likely to continue. Encrypting online data streams holds value from an SEO standpoint.

Request IT Support Services

Administering a busy WordPress website often involves a significant time commitment. Sometimes businesses prefer to obtain ongoing WordPress support to ease this burden. An expert website hosting company furnishes a variety of maintenance services to assist businesses in enjoying more carefree website operations!

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