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A WordPress Website Security Issue

WordPress websites typically depend upon plugins to help perform a variety of useful tasks. Plugins like WordFence and Google Authenticator help boost site security. Other plugins assist administrators in creating mobile apps, performing sales transactions, utilizing online forms, and completing a wide array of other useful operations. Unfortunately, WordPress Plugin Conflicts sometimes arise. They hold the potential to create significant website vulnerabilities.


About Plugins

Plugins consist of software scripts, frequently written in the PHP language. They need to function seamlessly with WordPress core elements and WordPress themes in order to optimize websites. Over the course of time, developers have created a large number of plugins.

Literally, thousands of these scripts enhance WordPress functionality today. The website maintains an extensive list of free plugin resources. Additionally, a number of software companies market plugins for use on the WordPress platform.

How WordPress Plugin Conflicts Arise

Unfortunately, not every available plugin receives ongoing developer support. Sometimes development teams cease updating older plugins. Software compatibility problems may arise involving one (or more) plugins used on a WordPress website.

This type of issue may result in some websites malfunctioning. Conflicts may even cause pages to experience problems loading and displaying correctly in some browsers. In the worst-case scenarios, unsupported plugins pose a security hazard. Hackers sometimes exploit known vulnerabilities in outdated plugins, for instance.

Four Tips For Resolving Plugin Conflicts

Conflicts involving plugins sometimes create challenges for WordPress website owners. Administrators discover value in using four helpful plugin management tips:

1. Always Backup Your WordPress Website

First, consider performing backups on a frequent basis. Obtaining at least three different backup copies and storing them on at least two separate devices holds value. Always ensure you keep at least one copy off-site, in case a catastrophic event destroys the computers at your location. Adhering to this simple “3-2-1 rule” should enable you to restore your WordPress website rapidly if a conflict involving plugins poses a problem.

2. Update WordPress Software (Including Security Software)

Second, make sure you obtain frequent software updates. Perform a backup before initiating an update, of course, to ensure you can restore your website if a plugin conflict arises. Periodically, software development teams issue updates for WordPress core elements, themes, and plugins. In many cases, the update corrects an identified vulnerability. Consequently, by maintaining your WordPress website in a fully updated condition, you’ll help boost your website’s security. In addition to regularly updating WordPress, also update any third party security software protecting your business computer network and your hosting server(s).

3. Remain Alert For Plugin Conflicts

Experts caution to remain vigilant for possible plugin conflicts. Given the large number of plugins, monitoring this issues sometimes proves challenging. Request feedback from site visitors about website performance. These reports may alert you to possible plugin issues. Test your site plugins one at a time and in combination to identify conflicts.

4. Remove Unsupported Plugins

As a general rule, consider removing unsupported plugins. It makes sense to replace outdated plugins with new, fully supported alternative plugins whenever possible. This updating process reduces the potential for ongoing conflicts and security loopholes.

Obtain Website Maintenance Services

To assist busy administrators in resolving conflicts involving plugins, some businesses seek knowledgeable assistance from a website hosting firm. WordPress website support offers a way to enjoy turnkey site maintenance. Consider using this helpful service!

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