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Have you researched Responsive Images WordPress plugins recently? This history of this subject interest numerous commercial website administrators. Particularly if your site relies upon the use of visual images (including photos), you’ll likely want to pay close attention to the subject of responsive images!

The Sizing of Images in WordPress

Today, the WordPress core manipulates images to re-size them into a variety of possible dimensions. Since WordPress 4.4, this process eases the burden faced by website administrators seeking to compress images into the most useful format for display on a WordPress web page. In the past, problems sometimes arose when image sizes did not load seamlessly into web pages. Oversized or undersized images might easily disrupt the appearance of a web page on a visitor’s mobile screen, for example.

From a Plugin to a Core

The modification in the open-source WordPress software occurred when developers incorporated a useful free plugin into the core. Basically, with the release of WordPress 4.4, the functions performed by the RICG Responsive Images plugin became an automatic default for the WordPress software. The change has sometimes posed a concern for websites that previously installed the plugin in question (the plugin had not received an update in four years, as of March, 2020). Today, WordPress urges sites that had installed the plugin before the release of WordPress 4.4 to upgrade their WordPress software to resolve any outstanding compatibility issues.

The Pros of Default Responsive Images Changes

The ability to conveniently re-size an image automatically for use on a WordPress website assists the majority of web development teams and WordPress website administrators. Without this popular capability, WordPress websites sometimes experience unnecessarily slow page loading speeds because some visitors spend longer than necessary periods of time downloading oversized images. Additionally, by conveniently re-sizing the image to fit a visitor’s screen, the software program enhances efficiency. It does not require site developers to expend time manually adjusting every image to fit optimal web page display parameters in a variety of different devices.

The Cons of Default Responsive Images Changes

In some cases, the presence of a default responsive images function might not suit every commercial WordPress website in every situation, however. For example, in certain circumstances, trademark or copyright issues surround the modification of images by website administrators. Additionally, in some situations, websites might not require a responsive images function. Resizing may sometimes increase page load times by expending resources to resize images (which need not appear on some websites in a modified form).

An Available Plugin to Deactivate Responsive Images

The issue of the pros and the cons of responsive images demonstrates designers sometimes maintain differing needs with respect to website image display capabilities. At the present time, some WordPress website administrators employ the free Disable Responsive Images Complete plugin to completely disable the core features first introduced in WordPress 4.4. This PHP software does not require configuration. It simply disables the default core modification, replacing an earlier plugin introduced to perform this function (i.e. Disable Responsive Images). The plugin operates in multi-site environments as well as on single servers.

Useful Support Services

Managing WordPress business websites today frequently involves complex decision-making. Some administrators greatly appreciate the availability of WP theme support and other valuable assistance offered by an expert website hosting service. Obtaining IT services helps reduce the challenges involved in keeping commercial websites optimized for search engine ranking purposes.

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