A Little SEO Goes a Long Way for Startups!


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Whether you are starting a business, or you are an establishes business with a top SEO company, consider these tips to make sure that you are doing everything you can to rank on the search engines.

Check Your Content

The better your content is, the higher you will rank on search engines. Check out the competition for your keywords, and then make sure the content you offer is different and goes beyond your competition. Establishing your site as an authority in your niche is important to climb the ranks on the first page!

Keywords are Important

If you have a tight budget, consider local keywords until you can increase your advertising and marketing budget. With SEO, you can use national and local keywords to maximize your chances of ranking well. The most important part of keywords for your website is to make sure that they are highly relevant.

Faster is Better

More people will visit your site, making you more of an authority under the search engine algorithms if your site is fast. Run tests on your site to make sure it is faster than your competition. Don’t forget that most people will visit your website on a smartphone!

Research and Links

If you have a blog, add in links to help you establish your article. The more links you have to your sources, the more credible your blog posts look to the search engines. Consider using internal links to other areas of your website, as well. These links will help search engines crawl your site.

Meta Descriptions

Using your keywords in your meta description may help you rank higher on the search engines and gives you that instant creative way to attract customers while using some simple SEO practices.


Using header tags will help break up content and make your page more scannable. These tags are not only great for scanning websites with a smartphone, but you can use these header tags to highlight your keywords for SEO. Just like the meta description, this is a simple way to help your site rank a little higher and gain authority.

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