Creating a Pillar Page for Your Website Can Help Generate More Clicks


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There is a tremendous amount of content online. Fortunately, Google makes it efficient and easy for potential customers to find the services and products they desire. If you’re one of the businesses selling these services or products, it’s essential for you to get listed high in the search engine results pages to help ensure you receive clicks from these individuals. Choosing pillar page topics and implementing them is one of the methods you can use to complete this task. However, it does take time and planning to perform correctly.

Creating a Pillar Page

Having an Atlanta SEO company create a pillar page is the same as adding a guide, white paper or other types of long-form content to your website. It provides basic information on a specific topic and links out to cluster pages that dive deeper into specific aspects of the primary topic. Creating this type of content provides a thorough explanation and shows Google you are an authority on the topic.

Cluster Pages

Cluster pages include content such as a solution page, white paper or blog. Once an Atlanta SEO consultant creates them, they serve as part of the cluster as all of the cluster pages are related to the same topic and should be made to link them together, including the pillar page. Choosing the strategy helps organize your content in a straightforward, cohesive way, which creates search engine authority for your website.

Choosing Pillar Page Topics

Choosing the right type of topics for your pillar page is essential if you want to succeed. Targeting a relevant topic has become even more important with search engine algorithms. Following these to primary steps should help make it more efficient to complete:

Step 1. Choosing a relevant solution

Using a buyer persona can help you choose a topic for your pillar page. Thinking about questions they might ask when searching for your products or services can help. Create a list of options and choose a topic broad enough to create several cluster pages.

Step 2. Analyzing the Search Engine Results Pages

Using the search engine to find a pillar page topic is the next step you can take. The “People Also Ask” (PAA) box is a feature by Google that answers questions related to search queries. Examining these questions can be valuable in creating your pillar page by using them as an H2 or H3. You can use these questions as the main topics for your cluster pages by answering each question.

Incorporating a pillar page and cluster pages into your website can take work. Still, the payoff should be highly beneficial in the future by providing you with more clicks from actual customers who are interested in your products or services.

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