How to Change Your SEO in 2019


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is always changing to cater to the standards and guidelines set forth by search engines. Keeping up with the new standards is the most important part of staying on the good side of modern SEO practices.

Change SEO 2019Mobile-First

Moble-first indexing is a setting to let Google know to index the mobile version of your site first. This is important because most people will visit your site from a smartphone during 2019. With Website Auditor, you can change the settings for your website, including the crawler settings. This is where you would establish that you want Googlebot-Mobile to crawl your page.

Page Speed

Believe it or not, your page speed is a part of what ranks you for SEO now. It isn’t all about the technical stuff any longer, and you also have a speed score that times the speed your site loads. Test the speed of your mobile page loading time, and if you need to make it faster, there are plenty of applications that will let you know what to change to get it changed for the better. You can also use a Top SEO company to make sure that your mobile website is optimized properly and fast!

Natural Online Branding

Google is now looking at brands and how they are presented online. The more your brand is mentioned with a subject, the more Google identifies it as an expert in the subject. Being aware of your reputation, gaining good reviews for your business, and utilizing influencers to mention your brand will all be top SEO changes you need to make in 2019 if you haven’t already! The key here is being as natural as possible with backlinks and mentions online. One of the best ways to do this is to write something that is placed on social media and talked about by others. Essentially, your brands will need to have a personality that makes people want to talk and comment about it! You could also try contests or videos when you first get started to raise awareness about your brand.

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