Three Reasons to Continue SEO During The Coronavirus Epidemic


Reasons to Continue

During March and April, numerous businesses in the Greater Atlanta Area underwent temporary shutdowns. In an effort to curtail the spread of Coronavirus, companies across the United States adhered to new social distancing guidelines. Some companies closed retail outlets completely, or significantly reduced their staffing levels. Under these circumstances, some business owners might wonder whether they should continue to implement search engine optimization (“SEO”) during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Vital Importance of Maintaining SEO

Strong reasons suggest Georgia businesses should continue emphasizing online marketing at this time. An Atlanta SEO Company offers valuable assistance in this effort. Why does maintaining SEO hold particular value now? At least three rationales support optimizing commercial websites to achieve higher search engine rankings during upcoming months:

One: Online Marketing May Help Offset Revenue Losses Elsewhere

Perhaps one of the most pressing reasons to conduct SEO campaigns currently relates to significant recent market downturns. In the wake of a gradual lessening of restrictions upon “nonessential” business activities, numerous companies urgently require revenue. Some businesses discovered increased demand from online customers helped offset storefront sales losses during March and April, for example.

A highly ranked website constitutes an important business asset. Slowdowns in economic activities centered around “brick-and-mortar” locations won’t necessarily impact online sales. In fact, many Atlanta Area companies operate highly cost-effective websites. Their online storefronts enable some firms to enjoy robust sales even when their other retail outlets in the community maintain reduced hours of operation and serve fewer customers.

Two: SEO Campaigns Cultivate a Loyal Customer Base

Another reason to focus upon search engine optimization at this time relates to the importance of maintaining and expanding a customer base within Georgia. During recent years, local SEO activities have assumed greater prominence. The ongoing ability to cultivate new customers assists an Atlanta business enterprise regardless of general economic conditions.

In this respect, effective SEO campaigns represent an investment in a firm’s digital assets. Instead of placing expensive print ads or investing in additional signage, entrepreneurs in Atlanta may discover benefits in focusing mainly upon developing a highly rated website. Pages that display well and load rapidly typically rank better in leading search engines. They also help attract online traffic, a valuable source of new (and returning) business.

Three: Effective SEO Activities Enhance Business Visibility

Finally, SEO activities furnish important visibility advantages. When many customers hesitate to leave their homes, this issue assumes particular importance. Firms that reduce on-site marketing to comply with social distancing guidelines still need to remind the public about their availability to furnish goods and services.

Once the need to adhere to social distancing guidelines ends, businesses that have maintained high visibility hold competitive advantages. They likely won’t need to work as hard to restore an eroded customer base. Investing in SEO at this time may yield important cost savings in the near future.

Planning Effective SEO Campaigns During The Pandemic

Enterprises in Georgia discover advantages in seeking experienced assistance from an Atlanta SEO Consultant. By developing website traffic with the assistance of SEO, managers may help promote the survival of businesses damaged by economic losses in other areas. The creation of effective, easily navigated, quickly loading web pages ultimately contributes to a higher volume of returning online visitors. Additionally, even when social distancing constrains business visibility within a community, high-ranking websites may help reassure customers about your firm’s availability. For all these reasons, it makes sense to consider stressing effective search engine optimization during challenging economic conditions!

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