Evaluating Two Different Types of SEO



Today, enterprises seeking the services of an Atlanta SEO company often face tough decisions. One of the most challenging involves allocating resources between two popular varieties of Search Engine Optimization.

An experienced digital agency offers helpful guidance to clients in planning and implementing a cost-effective strategy to boost website search engine rankings. This outcome typically involves evaluating both Technical SEO and Content SEO needs.

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The Two Faces of Janus

In ancient Roman mythology, Janus governed the process of transitions. His image frequently stood over gates: a figure with two opposite faces, one gazing left and the other right. This imagery aptly symbolized dualities. Life and death, war and peace, yesterday and tomorrow, all fell along the spectrum of never ending beginnings encountered by human beings.

To some extent, modern techies might consider the face of Janus as a suitable icon for a common SEO dilemma. In considering search engine optimization concerns, should website administrators focus attention first upon Technical SEO or Content SEO? Ignoring serious deficiencies in either area proves problematic.

Classifying SEO Issues

What differences exist between these two types of search engine optimization? Many people classify “Content SEO” as elements impacting the substance of a web page message and display. By contrast, Technical SEO relates more to the mechanical nuts and bolts of site architecture and search engine indexing.

Optimizing a website in practical terms usually involves addressing issues within both of these broad categories of SEO. Yet since most site owners maintain finite budgets, selecting specific items to prioritize first sometimes inspires vigorous debate. Content SEO over the long term proves essential in generating repeat traffic and a high search page ranking. Yet maintaining very poor Technical SEO statistics might condemn a website to developing at glacial rates of growth.

Technical SEO Versus Content SEO

Generally, Technical SEO encompasses a wide array of issues. These concerns range from page loading speeds, to site audits, 404 pages, and even keyword research. Resolving problems within this area often yields valuable results due to increased ease of access to the site. After all, if a search engine cannot readily index a web page, the owner should anticipate lower than optimal rankings. Similarly, a site that loads poorly on most screens won’t likely attract as many visitors as one with fewer technical limitations.

Content SEO by contrast covers page layout, URLs, headlines, headers, hyperlinks, and other web page display elements. Correcting significant deficiencies with page content may not require substantial funds, depending upon the concern. Yet enhancements in this area often greatly expand a site’s appeal to visitors.

Both Types of SEO Matter

The sheer number of websites competing for online traffic today has created a high standard for search engine optimization purposes. It requires a basic level of proficiency in both Technical SEO and Content SEO. Talented consultants offer expertise in evaluating websites and recommending the most productive strategies to raise search engine page rankings as cost-effectively as possible.

Since most search engines change their search algorithms frequently, however, competitive websites don’t simply achieve desired SEO milestones and then remain unchanged. Website administrators actively seek new ways to generate traffic. This usually involves implementing both Technical and Content SEO improvements.

Obtain Knowledgeable SEO Services

Has your enterprise developed a successful strategy for search engine optimization? An experienced Atlanta SEO agency furnishes customized assistance. Ask us to help you evaluate both technical and content SEO issues and suggest useful, practical measures to accomplish your online marketing objectives!

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