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Whether you work with a top SEO company or do it yourself, there are many ways to focus on increased website conversions. A website conversion rate is the number of people that follow through with the desired action on your site divided by the number of visitors. This will give you a percentage that you can work on increasing.

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate:

Helpful Tips, Atlanta seo companyFocus on Load Time

If your load time is slow, visitors are more likely to leave. The speed of your page can make or break your conversion rate, so it should be a top priority.

High Performing Keywords

Quality traffic to your page is important to your conversion rate. The proper keywords will get you customers that desire your product or service. Keywords and long-tail keywords implemented in the right areas on your website and in your PPC ads will return a higher percentage of visitors with a strong interest.


Easy navigation is a quality that every visitor appreciates in a website. If your site is confusing, you will see a lower rate of conversion. Repeat visitors are more likely when a website is easy to navigate.


Images that offer readers a visual break in the text, make it easier for readers to feel comfortable when reading the information. Too many images may confuse a visitor and look like a messy page, especially if they are on a tablet or phone. Use a few images that are relevant to your service or product and give meaning to your website.


If you have PPC ads, make sure your landing page is relevant to the ad you created. It should have a clear and obvious call to action that relates back to your ad. One of the easiest ways to increase website conversions is to give your visitors exactly what they are searching for, so don’t shy away from a direct call to action.

A higher website conversion rate is easy to achieve with practices that focus on what the user wants. Looking through the eyes of the prime visitor, your layout, ads and page functionality should all work together to provide a quality experience.

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